Beekeeping Round Hat White XI 402

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If you don’t like the idea of messing around with drawstrings, this veil may be just right for you.
The back side of this fencing-style veil is made from a durable, light-weight cotton polyester blend. The front side is made from a light-colored mesh that is easy to see through.
The veil is attached to the vest portion with a zipper which also has a double Velcro enclosure at the top to provide for extra protection from bees crawling inside.
The short vest portion is made from a light-weight and breathable polyester mesh. This mesh vest keeps you cool by providing air to flow between your body and your shirt or jacket. It prevents air and moisture from getting trapped under the vest. An extra convenience of this veil is that it can be unzipped from the vest and thrown back over your shoulders when you aren’t working your bees. It fits up to a men’s size extra-large. 

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